Blue shelter feline initially thought to be ‘pet dog fight lure’ wins 4M views

Many individuals were worried over exactly how Smurf wound up blue.

A sanctuary pet cat called Smurf ended up going viral after countless people wondered how his hair happened a bright blue.

While some TikTok commenters thought that it could have been since the kitty was made use of as bait for dogfighting that, luckily, really did not turn out to be the instance. Now, we just get to gush after just how adorably adorable this teensy blue child is.

A video clip of Smurf the kitty was uploaded on TikTok by @manicrandall whose actual name is Theo Randall, according to Newsweek.

In the video clip, Randall introduces Smurf to his viewers by discussing that Smurf came into the shelter with his ginger fur dyed blue.

” We do not know why Smurf is blue, but he appears fine with it,” Randall clarifies.

Actually, he’s not specifically blue. He’s spots of blue, green, and indigo.

He ought to totally get his refund for this color job since it’s super irregular.
Joking, this botched color job wasn’t carried out in a feline hairdresser! It was way even worse than that.

He got a house dye task.

” [Smurf’s] owner has called us so we understand that he formerly had a residence,” Randall stated. “He was professionally dyed with what is likely pet-safe color.

Still, you can’t reject that Smurf is the prettiest blueish cat you’ve ever seen and also you intend to animal him extremely severely.

That’s why we’re so happy this feline had not been abused like some believed he may have been.
Some individuals on TikTok discussed that Smurf’s distinct coloring might be due to the fact that he was made use of for lure.

” Felines with purple paws aren’t making a style declaration and haven’t mistakenly gotten into some purple pens or paint. The hue on their paws as well as white spots of fur implies they’ve been color-coded as bait in dogfighting– and also they require to be rescued instantly,” the Pet Rescue site writes. “It’s not just the color purple, either. When a pet cat is held as lure in a dogfighting ring, the white parts of its fur could be any type of vibrant color: orange, purple, eco-friendly. The color works as a recognition for each individual feline, so that it’s simpler for viewers to position bets on the order that the cats will certainly die.”

Steve Kelso, the Marketing and Communication Supervisor for the Kent County Wellness Division, informed Newsweek that they do not presume Smurf to have been a target of dogfighting since he didn’t have any injuries when he reached the shelter.

The vet additionally verified that Smurf was in health. It was again confirmed by Randall.

” Thanks for everyone’s problem but Smurf is NOT a dogfighting bait cat,” Randall said.

While he really did not originated from a fierce residence, he still required a brand-new one.
” The proprietor has a week ahead get him and sadly she never revealed when she said she would,” Randall explained. “Smurf does not recognize why he had not been declared yet will certainly be taken on by a caring family in our area.”

It didn’t take lengthy before Smurf to be adopted from the Kent County Pet Shelter.

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