Baby Kangaroo Finds Roll of Toilet Paper and Decides to Have Some Fun

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia is home to a lot of orphan Kangaroos. Here, they hop around, have fun, and even get into a bit of trouble now and then! But this Kangaroo did something that people think is unforgivable— especially in a time like this! The little Roo in question is Indi. And she snuck off to a bathroom and found herself a stash of treasure. Specifically, a precious roll of toilet paper!

For the little hopper, it was the first time she saw toilet paper. So, she examines the roll and decides to have a little fun with it. Moreover, Indi unravels all the paper up and has the best time doing so! She even chews on it a little and spits it right out when it doesn’t taste that great. Thankfully, she didn’t ingest any of it. And like a commenter says, she just ruined thousands of dollars worth of tp!

Harry Nguyen

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