As a result of the truth that his proprietor is the only point in his life, the dedicated canine will not leave him.

The family members of Víctor Reyna Vásquez never ever pictured that a tragic fate awaited him. The 57-year-old male stays in Montemorelos, Mexico as well as experiences extreme alcohol addiction, writes fancy4work

Warning: Sensitive web content!

He had actually lately left the house as usual, however while wandering extremely close to the train tracks in Vía Tampico and Calle Escobedo, in Barrio La Estación, the man got a fierce collision that left him pay with life.

So they found the faithful pet, entirely curled up beside its owner

It was night, he was drunk, as well as the railway conductor might rarely see him. Nevertheless, Víctor Reyna Vásquez was not the only one, he was accompanied by his faithful pet dog, who had actually been his inseparable buddy for a number of years.

Initially, the pet belonged to an uncle of the departed male, yet over time, he selected it as his companion. Victor had a rather distressed and also dissipated life, nevertheless the pet did not abandon him for a single minute, not even presently of his death From him.

It was difficult to come close to the body of Víctor Reyna Vásquez with this selfless guardian

When the Mexican authorities came to the scene of the event to determine the body as well as remove it from the railway lines, they were surprised to see that Víctor’s body was carefully guarded by the noble pet.

Actually, the pet made the job of the authorities a little tough, due to the fact that everyone who attempted to approach Victor’s body received a caution from the pet, who agreed to protect the integrity of his master at any cost.

The photo of the canine selflessly accompanying his master went viral on socials media and also the Guv of Montemorelos discovered of the pet’s commitment. His act of faithfulness surprised him a lot that he supplied to embrace him.

Originally the governor assumed that with the death of Víctor Reyna Vásquez, the pet was left alone on the planet, however actually the canine has a very small residence. However, when Víctor’s relatives discovered of the political leader’s objectives, they accepted his proposition.

The loved ones of Víctor Reyna Vásquez met the authorities

Victor’s family is extremely simple, so they understand that under the treatment of the state governor, the pet dog will have a better quality of life

His continuous wanderings among his master had him virtually homeless and also he did not have the care that an animal needs.

The pet dog will certainly receive all the necessary focus and will have a calmer life.

The pet dog has actually been designated to Civil Protection and from there it will certainly be required to a veterinary service center for a full clinical analysis. From there, he was expected to begin a new life in your house of the guv of Montemorelos.

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