Allowances: cascading bugs at CAF

Allowances: cascading bugs at CAF

For several months, a big bug has penalized tens of thousands of CAF beneficiaries. Files processed late, unpaid allowances … Blame it on the reform of housing aid calculations and new internal software.

Helpers: cascading bugs at CAF

For four months, Yanis Garcia-Bouguerra, a student, has been waiting for his housing allowance. At the beginning of the year, he moved in, completed his file, and received an acknowledgment of receipt of his first step in February. But his file was canceled several times in a row. He should receive 250 euros per month, an essential sum for a rent of 650 euros. “I have to ask my parents for money and work on the side, otherwise I can’t pay my rent”, laments Yanis.

CAF “is progressing” according to its director

The case is not isolated. Since January 1, between 120,000 and 150,000 cases are pending. In question, the reform of housing allowances. The calculation method has changed, as well as the internal software, leading to computer malfunctions. “Today we are making progress, we are fixing the bugs. There are still some but we are making progress ”, assures Vicent Mazauric, Director General of the National Family Allowances Fund. There are still 32,000 cases to be processed, out of the 6 million monthly.