ABC 25 Local Lifestyles – Fire Safety in the Kitchen

[Music] wow [Music] more and more people are cooking at home since well we're all stuck at home due to the virus but did you know that cooking is also the number one cause for home fires true here to help us serve up fire safety in the kitchen is susan mckelvey with the national association of protection a fire protection association good morning susan good morning thanks so much for being with us this is an important topic so what are some of the things that we need to be aware of to prevent buyers in the kitchen so one of the main things to be aware of is that you need to keep a close eye on what you're cooking unattended cooking is a leading cause of home fires we need to stay focused when we're cooking and be alert that sounds a lot easier in a lot of cases because like you said we're all at home a lot of kids are going to school remotely so they're working from their computers we're trying to get them linked up on their you know zoom sites your other people are trying to work at home so we have a lot more people trying to do a lot more it's hectic it's easy to get distracted but if people recognize that getting distracted from what they're cooking is a risk then hopefully they'll take the steps to make sure that they stay really focused on what they're cooking in the kitchen well help us if we uh for with some advice about what happens if there is a fire what should we do so if you have a really small fire that you can extinguish simply by turning off a heat source in a lot of cases that can be effective if you have something like a pan fire that involves oil you always want to make sure when you're frying that you have a lid nearby so that you can slide the lid over the pan to help extinguish the flames and then promptly turn off the heat source and wait for the pan to completely cool down before carefully opening the lid and checking to see that the flames are out if there are still flames put the lid back on and call the fire department at nfpa our priority is people safety and things can be replaced but people can't so if you have a fire that isn't safely able to be put out by one of those means then get out with anyone else who's in your home and call the fire department for help well we all have kids and grandkids cooking in the kitchen with us and we love that but how do we keep them safe and still allow them to enjoy the pleasures of cooking sure so if you are going to be cooking with your children you obviously want to be there and monitoring them really carefully and making sure that they're engaged in activities that keep them away from heat sources but in general if you are cooking and you have kids or pets who are just um you know uh around the area you want to make sure that they understand that they need to stay well away from the actual cooking area so we recommend creating a three foot safety zone for kids and pets that they can't enter when you're cooking and for really young children you can even mark on your floor with tape or some other markers to show kids they can have a visual sense of the area they need to stay away from but another good tip is to push in your pot and panhandles to make sure that if someone does come into the area that they can't get easily knocked over because that obviously can create a problem with fires and burns as well susan do you have a website where our our viewers can go to learn more get some tips from you we do so firepreventionweek.

org is our website uh for the campaign we have all sorts of checklists and safety chip sheets and other resources for people and of all ages to help cook safely thank you so much for being with us thank you we'll be back with more local lifestyles after this.

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