A busy economic return for Jean Castex

A busy economic return for Jean Castex

The shadow of the epidemic hangs over our economy. The Prime Minister announced that the recovery plan would be unveiled on September 3, including support for small businesses and a budget for Culture.

Castex economic return

A distinguished guest at the MEDEF summer school, Jean Castex wanted to counter the concerns of the bosses by unveiling elements of the recovery plan announced on September 3. First key element: a quarter of the recovery plan endowed with 100 billion euros will be intended for SMEs and very small businesses. The State promises them lasting support beyond the guaranteed loans set up in March and the emergency loans. But they are considered insufficient by those who fear the spiral of indebtedness. With bookings plummeting, a hotelier has no visibility until April 2021. “The problem is that we do not know when the activity will start again, if we knew that it would start again in April, we would be confident, but the authorities would have to wait and tell us ‘It’s okay you can start paying’ ”, slips Jean-Philippe Aelvoet (who is he?).

Lower production taxes

Another measure: a reduction in production taxes to the tune of ten billion per year, with the aim of making companies more competitive and bringing them back to France. Because this axis affects all of the company’s production tools: from premises to company vehicles, including labor and international transactions.