75 Maine Coon feline pictures that show how big these felines are

Maine Coons are the largest tamed type of feline– yet until today, we didn’t fairly realize just how big they are (spoiler– they’re massive). However regardless of their outstanding dimension, these pet cats are gentle titans and are stated to be not only the largest but also the most friendly as well as kind-natured breed.

Maine Coons tend to be highly friendly pets who like human interaction, and in addition to that, they’re one of the fluffiest feline breeds we ever before did see. We’re now totally sold on getting one of these mini-lions for ourselves, and also after seeing these 75 photos of Maine Coons in their full splendor, we’re seriously questioning why we’ve never ever taken into consideration obtaining one as a family pet prior to.

Tiny woman or significant pet cat?

Never ever before have we seen a cat with the same sized head as its proprietor, and also although that the human is holding the pet cat in this snap, we’re seriously questioning that possesses who. Not only are the heads comparable dimensions, however from one eye those big paws, we ‘d say that they’re a similar size to human hands too! At this moment, we’re really appreciative that Maine Coons are such mild giants.

Your Majesty

This is one of the most magnificent pet cat we have actually ever seen, and with the neck beard and silvery stripes, we need to state this is one magnificent mini white tiger! We merely can not get over those orange eyes also. This wonderful creature looks like something out of a storybook!

Winter Ready

When you have fur has fluffy as this gorgeous feline, it makes complete sense to live someplace cold as well as snowy. Simply look just how at home she looks with her integrated hair layer! Envious, us?

Mr. steal your lady

If we were the guy on the obtaining end of this cat’s look, we ‘d be approving that we ‘d just lost our sweetheart to a person half our size. Though actuall y- we may wish to reassess the ‘half our size’ thing. This cat’s body is virtually the very same width as well as size as his proprietor!


Who requires a pet dog when you can have a Maine Coon? Gustav is a gorgeous kid, however at $1200, these pet cats are certainly a financial investment! It’s lucky that a lifetime of love and also snuggles greater than offsets it.

A Queen

We’ve simply discovered a pet cat prettier than any human, as well as we’re uncertain how we really feel about it. Going by this gorgeous image, this Maine Coon is clearly a natural when it involves positioning for photographs. We ask yourself if she could offer us some modelling tips?

The Lion King

After taking a look at this picture, we’re not encouraged that this feline isn’t really a small lion. Travelling to the vets is difficult sufficient, yet with a lively pet cat that dimension, we recon that we would certainly want to avoid the v-e-t-s just as high as our pets do. In all credit scores to the mini lion though, he resembles he’s being an excellent young boy!

The Animal

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