4 Truths: The CGT “is wrong to legitimize violence”, declares Bruno Le Roux

4 Truths: The CGT “is wrong to legitimize violence”, declares Bruno Le Roux

This Thursday, October 15, Bruno Le Roux was the guest of Jeff Wittenberg on the set of France 2.

4 Truths: Bruno Le Roux

Bruno Le Roux comments on the rise in the price of diesel: “We are going to lower the tax on gasoline by a cent to increase it on diesel“. The president of the Socialist group in the National Assembly adds: “This will give additional revenue that will be donated to the elderly in particular. There will not be one more tax return for the government“.He announces “the setting up of an information mission on diesel, on the conversions that this will require for our country, on how to envisage a common tax system for all fuels. And it is Delphine Batho, socialist deputy former Minister of Ecology, who will be the rapporteur“.

Regrettable boycott of the CGT

Bruno Le Roux finds “shame”The CGT boycott of the social conference and“regrets the empty chair policy”Of the union, which“wrong to legitimize violent behavior“. The boss of the PS deputies estimates that the Air France plan providing for 2,900 job cuts “is not a good plan for the employees and for the company“. He asks that “nothing allows to implement it“.

Regarding the upcoming regional elections, Jean-Yves Le Drian will be a candidate in Brittany while remaining Minister of Defense. A “preferential treatment“, According to Jeff Wittenberg. “No there is no exception“, Answers Bruno Le Roux. “An executive function cannot be combined with a ministerial function, but an application is not a function“, Insists the Socialist deputy.