25+ Animals that you won’t recognize without their hair

Hair exists to protect us. From whispy hairs to fur to spikes, that external layer of “fuzz” on people and various other pets is far more than simply style statement. Even your nose hair is very important (it helps trap bacteria, as an example)!

For animals, their hair, hair, whiskers, etc serve numerous functions– protection from the sunlight, aiding to seal in warmth when it’s cool, enabling them to “really feel” around, maintaining their underlayer of skin completely dry, as well as also acting as camouflage. It’s a genuine drawback to do without.

Hereditary anomalies, alopecia, injuries, anxiety, and also various other life occasions can all cause animals to be provided “bald.” As well as while a few of them are perfectly fine this way, others suffer.

However one point is without a doubt, it’s difficult to acknowledge generally fuzzy animals without their fur!

We have actually discovered over 25 that will no question shock you.

1. Hairless Guinea Pig

Some guinea pigs are actually bred without fur. They’re called “Skinny Pigs” and occasionally they’ll have some stray strands on their faces and feet, but their bodies are largely hairless.

This one has some stray whiskers but is otherwise living the smooth life.

2. Bald Bunny

Born in 2009, this bunny went viral for obvious reasons. In fact, it’s hard to recognize it as a rabbit at all!

It turns out it was just a temporary condition though. After a few months, he grew up to be as soft and fluffy as the rest of his siblings.

3. Featherless Penguin

This bald baby penguin was rejected by his parents at an aquarium in China until workers intervened.
They realized that he had a hard time absorbing nutrients so they fed him themselves until he was healthy enough to grow a feathery coat.

After that, he was welcomed back to the family.

4. Bald Bear

This is Dolores. She and some other female bears at a zoo in Leipzig, Germany experienced sudden hair loss that zookeepers chalked up to a genetic defect.

While there were no other underlying health conditions, the bears experienced rashes and other skin irritations as a result of losing that protective coat.

We don’t know what became of the bears, but we certainly hope zookeepers found a way to protect them from the elements.

We didn’t even know that’s what a bear looked like under all that hair!

5. Naked Rat

Hairless rats are bred intentionally and – just like hairless cats – they are called Sphinxes.

They’re often used in research labs though plenty of people like to adopt them as pets.

At least you don’t have to worry about getting fur all over you!


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