25+ Animals that you won’t recognize without their hair (p3)

16. Smooth Sand Puppy

Known more widely as the naked mole-rat, this burrowing rodent is native to East Africa and is always born bald.

Since they spend most of their time burrowing underground, they have very small eyes, poor sight (there’s no light down there anyway), and tiny mouths (to keep dirt out).

It can’t feel pain on its skin, so there’s no need for hair to protect it (it’s also resistant to cancer, so it doesn’t have to worry about too much sun when it’s above ground).

17. Hairless Deer

A woman in Pennsylvania spotted a rare hairless deer, sending photos far and wide of the unique animal.
The Pennsylvania Game Commission said they believe the deer was born that way although the animals can also contract aggressive lice infestations that leave them bald.

18. Abandoned Aardvark

This baby aardvark was abandoned before it was done developing, like many hairless animals.

But we have no doubt that if someone was there to photograph it they were also there to help nurse it until it was healthy and hairy.

19. Bald Black Bear

Eve is a black bear, despite what you might think when you first see her.

She was very young when she was found on her own, clearly separated from her mother while foraging for scraps of trash.

It’s likely that she’s suffering from a serious case of mange in this photo, but the good folks at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center took good care of her until she was furry once again.

20. Featherless Owl

Eek! It’s doesn’t even look real!

That’s probably because it’s not.

As far as we can tell, this is not a living creature but either a taxidermied owl without its feathers or a model of some sort.

While experts agree that this is what an owl would look like without its feathers, this tiny dinosaur-looking creature isn’t about to come ask you for a treat any time soon.

21. Featherless Fowl

Israeli geneticist Avigdor Cahaner created the world’s first featherless chicken at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel and people are not pleased.
The animal was literally created just to be more conveniently processed and eaten, raising questions about how we see other living creatures and our place in the world.

22. Bald Opossum

It’s possible that this is a photo of young Dobby, who was delivered to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in Florida after someone found her and her brother (who died shortly after being rescued) in their yard.
She suffers from alopecia, making her susceptible to the sun, injury, and predators.

23. Earl the Naked Squirrel

There can be many causes for hair loss in squirrels, including parasites, fungi and traumatic encounters.

Earl was discovered in North Carolina and it’s been suggested that his hairlessness is the result of genetics since his tiny tail is smooth as well.

When a woman first discovered him and described him to her daughter, the girl assumed her mom had had too much wine.

24. Hairless Horse

The mutation that causes hairlessness in horses tends to be fatal, so they’re quite rare.

This happens most commonly in Drafts and Ahkal-Tekes.

When a horse is born hairless, you can expect to put in a lot of extra effort, especially because it can be plagued by sunburn so easily (in addition to things like fungal infections and even uncomfortable skin dryness).

The genetic defect also comes with other issues, mostly dental and intestinal, which is why these poor ponies don’t typically survive into adulthood.

25. Furless Ferret

While this ferret might look pretty cool to some, their hairlessness suggests they’re suffering from a fatal adrenal disease.

People are encouraged not to breed them and to take them to a vet for treatment.


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