25+ Animals that you won’t recognize without their hair (p2)

6. Betty the Bald Hedgehog

This is Betty. No one knows why she’s missing the hair on her body, but the animal rescuers at Foxy Lodge Rescue Center in the UK take good care of her.
She’s an otherwise healthy critter and joined her bald comrade “Baldrick” at the animal sanctuary.

7. Chimpanzee with alopecia

Alopecia can affect animals as well as humans.

And since chimpanzees are so closely related to us, it’s even less of a surprise that the affliction could affect them.

This chimp lived at the Mysore Zoo in India and was quite the tourist attraction. But we certainly hope he wasn’t made to feel like a freak show.

8. Oscar the Cockatoo

Our hearts break for Oscar, a 35-year-old Moluccan cockatoo (who happens to be female despite her name) suffering from Beak and Feather Disease.
This causes her to pluck out her own feathers because they irritate her skin.

But by all accounts, she’s relatively happy bird and living the tweet life at the Humane Society of Broward County in Florida.

9. Peruvian Hairless Dog

This beautiful breed is one of a handful of dogs that were bred to be hairless.

Unfortunately, they were simply bred this way for the convenience of humans and the genetic alteration that causes their hairlessness also has other effects, such as leading to fewer teeth.

They also need extra effort to be kept warm.

10. Smooth raccoon

We’re glad to see this hairless raccooon is recognized by its own kind because we would have never guessed what it was.

Raccoons can develop parasitic infections (such as mange) that cause their hair to fall out.

While we don’t spot them often (since they are more susceptible to the elements and often have shorter lifespans) it’s not terribly uncommon.

11. Naked wombat

Karmann is an orphaned baby wombat from Australia.

Since wombats develop in their mother’s pouches for the first 7 months of their lives, if their mothers abandon them or die, they are left alone and bald.

Karmann was rescued from the pouch of her dying mother at 3 months old and was cared for at a wildlife shelter in Melbourne.

12. Bald squirrel

Poor squirrel!

Unfortunately, they can lose their hair because of mites and other diseases, leaving them overexposed.

13. Bald Baboon

This bald female baboon appears to have alopecia.

However, it was captured on camera in the wilds of Zimbabwe, so the origin of its baldness is unknown.

14. Nude Kangaroo

Sabrina was abandoned by her mother before she stopped developing in the pouch. That means she didn’t have enough time to grow hair.
Since she was born in captivity at Serengeti-Park in Germany, humans were able to intervene and keep her warm and healthy until she fully developed.

15. Hairless Hamster

You can tell by the name that the Hairless Syrian hamster was bred specifically to be bald.
Since they have no warm coat, owners have the be extra careful to keep them warm and help them avoid injuries to their skin.

You should only breed male hairless hamsters since the females are unable to produce milk.


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